Some Girls. An Intimate Look at Kat Kramer

Katharine "Kat" Kramer

Katharine “Kat” Kramer

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Some girls want to be dancers or singers or movie stars.  Some girls actually do become credible performers.  But I just met one amazing lady who at the tender age of three was dancing classical ballet.  By age five she was choreographing ballets and by six she was teaching ballet.  Very early in her life the always amazing Katharine Kramer was considered by many to be a true prodigy in dance.  “From my earliest memory I have always loved dance and music, always music” said Katharine “Kat” Kramer in a recent interview.

How she got her name is perhaps the most telling explanation of how she so quickly became so abundantly talented.  Her father, a film maker legend with an unprecedented 85 Oscar nominations, nine personal Academy Award nominations and recipient of the prestigious Irving J. Thalberg Award, Stanley Kramer was about to have a child with his lovely bride when he decided that if the child was a boy he would be named Spencer in honor of the great screen actor Spencer Tracy.  But alas the child was a girl.  So the Kramer’s named their new daughter “Katharine” in honor of their good friend and true super star Katharine Hepburn who also assumed the duty of God mother to baby Katharine.

So I had to ask how was it being born of a genuine film legend and surrounded by so many real super stars.  “It was exhilarating and a challenge” revealed Kat Kramer.  She simply could not live what most would call an ordinary life.  She attended a professional arts school and cannot remember any time not wanting to be performing be it in music or dance or acting or some combination thereof.  She loved it from day one and that passion still burns bright within Kat Kramer.

By age 8 her parents moved with her to Seattle to escape the Hollywood glitz.  Never mind, Kat quickly found a vibrant stage community in Seattle. In her early youth she took to the stage to play Heller Keller in “The Miracle Worker” earning a special award from the Seattle Theatre community.  Kat then went on to perform as Anne Frank in “The Diary of Anne Frank”, played Estella from child to adult in “Great Expectations” earning critical acclaim. Kat soon secured the lead role of Annie in the equity production of the same name.  The mold had been firmly set and there would be no turning back.  Katharine “Kat” Kramer utterly embraced all aspects of the performing arts, yes including the glitz and the glamour.  It is her essence and her life and she enjoys every minute of it.

That said she is neither boastful nor arrogant.  Kat Kramer is a real and intelligent woman with many facets.  When I asked what three things she wanted the world to know about her she said:  “I am original, not shallow and often misunderstood.”   I believe that is a fair self assessment, especially when it comes to being original and a person of some considerable depth.

A great example of that is her recently established series of celebrity screenings of socially conscious films or what she calls:  “Kat Kramer’s Films That Change the World.”  The first in the series was the DVD release of the Academy Award winning Yentl directed by Barbra Streisand and written by Jack Rosenthal.  Kat used the basic story of Yentl, that of a Jewish girl masquerading as a boy in order to receive religious instruction to illuminate the current tragedy in the Congo where so many young girls have been raped that many now dress and behave as boys to avoid attack.   Next in the series was director Louie Psihoyos and writer Mark Monroe’s  Oscar winning documentary “The Cove” that exposes cruel treatment of dolphins.  Most recently was Jacek Kropinski’s documentary “Elephants and Man” that reveals the many ways in which man continues to effectively torture elephants.  Next in the series is the film “Teach Your Children Well” narrated by Lily Tomlin.  It is a film that addresses the ever present bullying that remains far too common in our schools.  Also ahead is a very interesting documentary that looks at a growing trend by native Hawaiians to get their land back.  The film is entitled “Hawaii: A Voice for Sovereignty “and it is already receiving substantial interest.

But Kat is not always this heavy as her musical work in progress reveals.  She is calling the album “Gemstone: Kat Kramer Sings Mick Jagger” and it is a compilation of songs written and originally performed by Mick Jagger of the truly legendary Rolling Stones.  This is no mere cover album or tribute work, everyone on the album has to have some real connection with the Stones.  It could be Keith Richards or Ronnie Wood or Charlie Watts or maybe even Mick Jagger.  The lead vocals are all Kat.  This work in progress has several tracks down and only about five to go so a release date will be announced in the not too distant future.  This is one part of a three part project Kat is billing as “My Duet with Mick.”

A long time devotee of the great Lily Tomlin, Kat has drawn upon Lily’s work for inspiration and Kat is also in the process of developing a one woman show that will include music and so much more.  This is the second part of “My Duet with Mick” and it too is a work in progress and so Kat did not provide too many details but promised to keep us informed.  Specifically as to Lily Tomlin, Kat expressed adoration for Lily’s television specials and fervently hopes that they will be released on DVD.

The third element of “My Duet with Mick” is a web series also currently in development.

Absolutely Katharine Kramer is a star’s star and a celebrity’s celebrity who amazingly takes a walk down a red carpet somewhere as often as three times a week.  Yet she too has her favorites.   To my total surprise and amazement I learned that Kat likes the film Ishtar, a mid 1980’s film that was panned by the critics and is believed to have caused Dustin Hoffman to consider a career change and bring deep disappointment to Warren Beatty.  Well dang it Kat and I love it and we share in the delight of knowing it is being released on DVD by SONY Pictures.

She is also a huge fan of and inspired by the work of the late Dennis Hopper who also mentored Kat for many years helping her to steadily grow her career.   Kat Kramer is also a fan of Russell Crowe.   She was instrumental in getting both men a star on the Walk of Fame.  She is particularly enthusiastic about Warren Beatty, so much so that she blurted out “I would play a frog for him.”  Really!?!  Probably not but as an expression of deep enthusiasm it stands as a classic statement.   Kat then offered this explanation.  “I would love to be in one of his productions.”

Daughter of a giant Hollywood legend, child prodigy, accomplished actress. Humanitarian, noteworthy musical talent and true Hollywood socialite Katharine “Kat” Kramer is gifted, talented and frankly fun to be around.  She has also rejoined the Burbank Intentional Film Festival where she gives generously of her time and talents.  In so doing Kat truly hopes she will give some girls and guys a real opportunity to reach up, grab a star and take it for a magic ride.  The energy of Katharine Kramer is beyond measure but you can try and keep up with her at her website:

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