Keeping Up With the “Kat.”

Keeping Up With the “Kat.”

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Coming up soon it will be a year since I had the great pleasure of meeting the amazing Katharine “Kat” Kramer daughter of Hollywood’s champion of the underdogs and prolific producer and director Stanley Kramer and God daughter of super star Katharine Hepburn .  Kat herself has become a living legend of Hollywood and deeply committed to making this a better world for everyone and founder of Kat Kramer’s Films That Change the World.  Among some of her more recent accomplishments Kat has premiered the powerful documentary Teach Your Children Well which deals with the growing problem of bullying in schools.  She has also screened The Cove which exposes the slaughter of dolphins in Japan, Elephants and Man: A Litany of Tragedy about the suffering of elephants in captivity and Barbra Streisand’s Yentle  which raised awareness of women’s equality and was used as a springboard for a discussion about widespread sexual abuse of women in the Congo.  So with that and so much more in Ms. Kramers’s  stellar life I just had to know what she is up to now.  So I made the call.

Since we last met Katharine “Kat” Kramer has indeed been a very busy lady. She was on both local Los Angeles TV station KTLA as well as CNN “Live: with Brooke Baldwin together with her friend, idol and mentor Lily Tomlin.  Kat also received the Brave Heart Women’s Compassion Award.  Here is a clip of that star studded gala.  But right now there are two things dominating her life, a new one woman show she is developing and  a very special luncheon coming up later in February.


This one woman show has the working title of My Duet With Mick referring, of course, to the one and only Sir Mick Jagger.  The show will have special material written by Shelley Goldstein.  Actress and singer Lainie Kazan is directing the show as well as consulting with Kat.  Despite its working title Kat told me that this show will not contain any of the music written or performed by Mick Jagger or the Rolling Stones.  The show will be about Katharine Kramer’s life’s journey and labor of love.  It will focus on the beauty and joy of music.  She is still trying to decide what would be the best venue for the show which could end up being a Las Vegas night club act, starting as an opening act.  As for exactly when the show will launch, that is still unknown but almost certainly sometime this year.

The other passion currently burring in the heart of Katharine “Kat” Kramer is a luncheon.  Ah come on Kat, really, a luncheon with the typical rubber chicken and boring speeches?  Well I really can’t say what will be served food wise, but I could probably guarantee any speech made at this luncheon will not be boring.  You see this luncheon taking place February 17th at the Sportsmen’s Lodge is being put on by the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters, the networking organization for radio and television professionals.  I am fairly certain that this group has speakers that are positively riveting.  What makes this particular luncheon extremely special to Kat is that is to honor the amazing Lily Tomlin, her dear friend and mentor.  On the Dais for this extraordinary event will be some of the biggest names in TV and radio and some of Lily Tomlin’s good friends Jo Anne Worley, George Schlatter, Bruce Vilanch, Eileen Brennan, Leslie Jordan, Paul Ruebens, Kathy Joosten, Sally Kellerman, Gary Owens, Allee Willis and Katharine “Kat” Kramer.

As thrilling as the vision of this event is for Kat, the piece de resistance is that she, Katharine “Kat” Kramer will be making a very special presentation to Lily on that day from that Dais in plain view  of some the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

I made Kat promise to report back to me with the details of that special day and also to let me know the very instant she has a firm launch date for her special one woman show.  Katharine “Kat” Kramer truly is a beautiful, talented, caring woman with abundant energy well used.  It truly is fun keeping up with the “Kat.”

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